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The Mourning After

The battle was over.  The Great Darkness and its monstrous horde were defeated, and Agartha, Realm of Dreams was saved.  The travellers from the waking world who took the fight to the Great Darkness were hailed as Agartha's greatest heroes, and magnificent banquets were held in their honour.  All knew their names, and princes and princesses swooned as they passed.  But it is given to no traveller to remain in the Realm of Dreams, and so, in time, they took their leave of their friends and awoke.  

Having to get up and go to work selling real estate, or rearranging a stockroom, or shuffling paper around an office is no easy thing for anybody to do, let alone a  fantasy hero who remembers the battle at the Gates of Cephelais.  It's made no easier by the vivid memories of people you've never met, but who you know beyond doubt are real, and out there in the world somewhere.  Plus, if Agartha had its problems with the rise of evil, then our world is a step or two further along, and it's not even the sort of evil that lurks in a foreboding castle or rides at the head of a conquering army.  Going from being world-shakers to being nobodies isn't fun either, but your new mission in life will help keep that feeling from occupying you too much.  

In the face of a world beset by the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men, what can four scattered, confused people do?  You've decided that it's time to find out.  After all, with an entry on for 'veterans of the Quest for the Helm of Righteousness', a certain degree of familiarity with tooth-and-nail combat and, most importantly, the sure belief in the power of heroes to inspire others, it's just possible that the answer is 'anything'.  

Have you ever had a dream in which you were so incredibly happy that, when you woke up, nothing seemed quite right any more?  That's what this campaign is about.  The trope of 'real world people thrust into prominence as saviours of a fantasy kingdom' has always been fairly popular (in fact, I seem to recall it being the basis of a blockbuster movie not too long ago), but I've always found myself disappointed by the endings, when the heroes either stay put in the realm of Somewhereelse, or come home... and the story ends.  This story starts where those ones just drop off, which I think is right at the most interesting bit.  What do you do when you've been changed by incredible events, but the world hasn't changed around you?  Do you give up and re-adapt, or do you rage against the dying of the light (as it were)?  

There's a couple of ways this could be played out, depending on the sort of theme the GM wants to put forward.  It could either be an inspirational, crime-fighting, world-improving 'we tell stories of heroes to remind ourselves that we too can be heroic' deal, or a wistful, sad portrait of the end of a heroic (sort of) era, as the memories of great deeds fade away, over the hours and days, like dreamed happiness. 
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